ANU International Marketing Business Plan Competition 2012

Each year the ANU (Australian National University) run a competition where marketing and business students work with a local small business to formulate and produce an international marketing plan for a country where the business has little or no existing business.

This year, PRD Software (being based in Canberra - same as ANU) expressed an interest in the program and was selected among other regional business to work with the students and the Research School of Management.

PRD Software worked with 4 groups of students over the course of a few months and discussed at length all sorts of business ideas, marketing ideas and the history of the helpdesk and service management software industry.  It was a great exchange of ideas, slogans, marketing blunders and energy.  We met at the PRD Software office, we met at the ANU, we met at the pub.  In the end, it was great to see how many different ways we could market our helpdesk software product HelpMaster - see

The final presentations and awards ceremonies were well attended and it was good to see the ACT Exporter Network attend the event. (www. PRD Software has always maintained a thriving export trade, with our very first sale coming from New Zealand and many other countries before making one in our home country!

In the end, 2 teams were awarded equal 1st place for their work.  Deservedly so.

Congratulations to all the students and especially to Dr Vinh Lu, and his team (Genrikh Salata, Konstantin Pokalioukhine and others)  who organized the course and provided energy and enthusiasm that the all students couldn't help but reciprocate.  PRD Software was extremely impressed with the quality of the students, their research, public speaking abilities and the comprehensive marketing plans that were delivered. 

Great to see the Australian National University engage in such a practical and valuable service to both their students, and the local community of small business.  The future of export, business and commerce in this country is looking very bright indeed.  Well done ANU.

Here's some snaps from the event...

ANU business marketing

PRD Software Managing Director Rod Weir, Dr Vinh Lu with members of one of the winning teams.


ANU international marketing 2012

PRD Software Managing Director Rod Weir and Dr Vinh Lu with members of one of the winning teams.



Student presentations were excellent and enthusiasm was evident.  International marketing is in good hands.


Dr Vinh Lu

Dr Vinh Lu did a great job in organizing, mentoring, lecturing and judging the competition.


Rod Weir with Prof Peter Drysdale

PRD Software Managing Director Rod Weir receiving the participant certificate.

Read the ANU summary here

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