The virtual password of the helpdesk tech support agent

Taken from a post a I wrote a few years ago.  Rescued from the old PRD forums, now consigned to the digital memory of the wayback machine.

Funny how things have not changed that much.


Wow, what a week I had doing tech support last week.  I have to share it with you.

HelpMaster is being used in over 44 different countries, and last week I felt as if I travelled the world in a single day.  Here was my tech support itinerary.

9:00am : Sitting at my desk in Canberra, Australia, I was remoted into a server in South Africa, installing and configuring the HelpMaster Web Module for one of our clients.

9:30am : Phone rings from a client in Sydney whilst still remoted into the South African server.  Talking to client in Sydney about up-coming release of HelpMaster and one of the new security features.

9:35am : Whilst still remoted into South African server and talking to a client in Sydney, my instant messanger fires up with a our US distributor in Phoenix, Arizona on the other end!  I am now typing, talking and remoting all at once, across 3 continents with 2 humans and a computer simultaneously.  I start getting a little nervous....

Phone call ends, remote session ends and I spend a bit of time chatting with our US distributor.  Turns out we have an issue in London that needs attention.  Thankfully due to time differences this can wait a few hours.  Pressure relieved....for now 

10:00am - next few hours : I spend time on the phone to clients in Adelaide, Sydney and Brisbane.  Tech support email is sent to clients in New Zealand, the US, South Africa, UK, France and Mexico.

Later that night...

On the phone to London.  After several emails and a few tube trips later (mind the gap!), we get the issues solved.

Just another day on the international tech support helpdesk for HelpMaster.  I think my virtual passport has run out of stamp-space.

So that was my day.  What was your most crazy tech support day in recent history?

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