Oops… you need a Google profile to use this feature

As the chief developer for a software company, I would never let one of the developers create a message box, or user interface message starting with "oops..."

Just doesn't sound right.

Apart from sounding somewhat juvenile and whimsical, the actual message doesn't convey what I need to do!

I already have a Google Profile!  I've had one for years.  How do I sign up?

Oops, whoops, gosh, golly gee, whoopsy daisy -  I can't sign up to Google+

I'll keep researching it...

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The messages continue!

Just went to read some Gmail and got this one

"Woohoo! You've read all the important messages in your inbox."

After that, I cleared my spam and got this..

"Hooray, no spam here!"

Who is writing these messages!? A 7 year old!?

Please, Google...can you have an user option for what level of message language I want?

I don't what every message to start with

"Oops", "Hooray", or "Woohoo".
Friday, July 15, 2011 · reply ·