PRD Software, makers of service management and helpdesk software, “HelpMaster” licenced to use the “Australian Made” logo.

PRD Software, makers of service management and helpdesk software, “HelpMaster”
licenced to use the “Australian Made” logo.

May 10 2011 – Canberra, Australia

PRD Software is proud to announce that PRD Software now carries the official “Australian
Made” certification. This level of accreditation is awarded to products in which “all, or nearly
all of the manufacturing or processing is carried out in Australia.” The famous “Australian
Made” “green triangle with golden kangaroo” logo is instantly recognizable and can be found
on over 10,000 products sold both in Australia and around the world.

PRD Software owner, Rod Weir commented regarding the logo and it’s use:
“PRD Software and the software we create has always been 100% owned and produced
in Australia, however we felt that it was a good time to formally get the certification. PRD
Software will be exhibiting at CeBIT 2011 in Sydney this year, and we thought we’d use this
occasion to show the Australian IT sector that they have a world-class software solution for
the service management / helpdesk industry, developed and supported right in their own
backyard. With the ITSM market becoming more competitive, with many foreign companies
now offering solutions, we find that a lot of prospective clients we speak with are looking
for an Australian made and supported product. When it comes to product sales, support
and to “just be able to pick up the phone and talk to a local”, Australian representation and
company ownership are seen as significant partnering factors. PRD Software is confident
that the “Australian Made” certification will help in this regard as well as with our marketing

About PRD Software

PRD Software is a 100% Australian owned and operated business that is headquartered
in the nation’s capital, Canberra. Since 1996, PRD Software has been developing
the “HelpMaster” range of software solutions for the service management / helpdesk and
ITSM industry. With sales in over 40 countries and hundreds of installations around the
world and locally, HelpMaster is a critical part of many organization’s service and support

About HelpMaster

HelpMaster is developed using the latest Microsoft .NET technology and is available in
both a Windows and Web interface. Integrated modules include Active Directory, Incident
Management, Problem Management, Email Response Management, Knowledge base,
SLA / escalation module, Assets register, reporting and more. HelpMaster is used by a wide
range of industries including, finance, education, business, medical, and hospitality, local
government and more.
Visit helpdesk software for further information.

About the “Australian Made” logo

Research shows that 65% of Australian shoppers have a strong preference for buying locally
made products and produce - but many find it difficult to identify truly Australian goods.
The Australian Made, Australian Grown logo is recognised by 94% of local shoppers and
trusted over any other Australian identifier by 85% of shoppers, making it the obvious choice
for businesses who want to communicate effectively with the hundreds of thousands of
consumers who are looking for Australian goods.

Australian Made

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