SAAS helpdesk implementation time

OK, granted... the SAAS model, with a capable vendor and good infrastructure backing can actually provision and set up a new instance of their software in a few minutes - seconds even....

But, to say that "We were up and running in 15 minutes!"?

My question is, "What were you actually running?"

My guess is that they were looking at a logon screen on an internet browser with their company name in the URL somewhere.....and that's about it.

A fully functioning and operational helpdesk is still some time away.

In the meantime there is...

  1. Business rules / workflow considerations
  2. Team meeting to discuss service goals / service level agreements (SLA), escalations etc
  3. System configuration for all the codes (priority, severity, urgency, status, resolutions etc)
  4. Possible data import from existing systems / legacy systems
  5. Individual user customization for personal settings
  6. Staff training (for both user and administrator)
  7. Client training (to inform them / train them to use the new web portal)
  8. Report generation
  9. Customizations
  10. Integrations with other systems

So, getting a system provisioned in 15 minutes, or even 5 minutes is great....

Just be ready for the real helpdesk stuff once you're logged in.

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